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Who We Are

Excel Investment (HK) Limited is an asset management company based in Hong Kong. We are licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to carry out Type 9 regulated activities (Asset Management) since 2014. 

We operate an Asian equity long/short strategy with China focus that invests across the Asia Pacific market. Our goal is to discover and capitalize on promising opportunities by implementing a disciplined fundamental approach. The keystone of Excel's investment philosophy hinges on a balanced top-down and bottom-up methods, which aims to identify investments with potential for long-term structural growth.


We constantly strive to exploit mispriced opportunities stemming from market inefficiencies, with the objective of attaining the best risk/reward profile. At the core of our approach is rigorous capital allocation and active risk management. At Excel Investment, we believe that discipline and strategic execution are pivotal to achieving investment success.

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